Full Size Animal Print (The Mountain) Available at Natures Wisdom Townsville

Townsville $35 Animal Print Mountain Shirts in Nature’s Wisdom

The Mountain (est. 1972) are an environmentally-conscious, eco-friendly brand that produce an extensive range of textiles. The brand’s core values focus on sustainability, individuality and community.

“Here at The Mountain, our core values are intricately woven into every fiber of our company – everything from our green manufacturing process to the energy efficient way we light our buildings – is designed to reflect our commitment to the core tenets that have served as the pillars of our company since day one.” (https://www.themountain.com/our-values/)

Their top design collections include Protect, Aquatic, Dean Russo and their most popular, Wild Animals, which Nature’s Wisdom stocks a wide variety of in-store. Here are just a few full size animal print Mountain tees we’ve had in the past:

Best Perfume oils for Relaxation & Stress Relief - Available Now

Here are our top Perfume oils for Relaxation & Stress Relief


These 4 Perfume oils each have their own unique ways of relieving stress & promoting relaxation. Each Oil is available in store now for just $9.95!

Ylang ylang

When applied to the skin Ylang ylang oil works best to help kill bacteria, lower blood pressure & promote Relaxation.


This extremely popular oil is used constantly in aromatherapy all around the world.

 It offers various health benefits including chronic stress relief, reducing anxiety, pain & inflammation, whilst also boosting immunity.

Frankincense is even said to help fight cancer.


As well as having one of the most popular and pleasant scents, Lavender is commonly used for it’s abilities to improve sleep quality, treat anxiety, fungal infections, hair loss & and wounds 

Night Queen

One of our top sellers within our perfume oil range (also known as Tuberose)  This pleasant oil is known for having relaxing effects on the brain, nerves & muscles. It’s also said to help ease depression and stress.

Many other Essential, Perfume & Fragrance oils in store!