Townsville Palo Santo: Sacred Wood for Stress Relief and Luck

“Holy Wood” - Palo Santo: Stress relief, luck, Cleansing, Protection

Palo Santo or (Holy Wood) is a “Mystical Tree” that grows on the coast of South America. Similar to White Sage, It is enjoyed by many for its cleansing & healing properties. It’s also said to help relieve cold & flu symptoms, as well as aiding stress, headaches, anxiety, depression & inflammation.

HOW TO USE PALO SANTO: Use a flame to light your stick of Palo Santo. Hold pointing the tip downward at a 45 degree angle. Allow stick to burn for 30-45 seconds & blow out. Watch your Palo Santo stick smoulder as you move around your home or space, clearing negative energy. Palo Santo sticks available in store (3 for $7)

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palo santo burning.jpg

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The Mountain (est. 1972) are an environmentally-conscious, eco-friendly brand that produce an extensive range of textiles. The brand’s core values focus on sustainability, individuality and community.

“Here at The Mountain, our core values are intricately woven into every fiber of our company – everything from our green manufacturing process to the energy efficient way we light our buildings – is designed to reflect our commitment to the core tenets that have served as the pillars of our company since day one.” (

Their top design collections include Protect, Aquatic, Dean Russo and their most popular, Wild Animals, which Nature’s Wisdom stocks a wide variety of in-store. Here are just a few full size animal print Mountain tees we’ve had in the past: