Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Evening

Our Recommended Products for the Perfect De-stress

When life gets stressful, find yourself at Nature’s.
We have everything you need for the perfect chill-out time; delicately and deliciously scented soaps, massage oils and crystal rollers, bath goods, hand creams, relaxing CD’s of gentle songs and more! Come see the wide range in store and remember to treat yourself!

Fighting Mold & Unpleasant Smells After Flooding

The Best Ways to Rid Your Home of Mold and Various Smells After Flooding and Other Water Damage

It is extremely common that after people’s homes have been affected by water damage, such as flooding which has recently occurred in Townsvile; mold begins to grow throughout the house and unpleasant smells tend to stick around. An effective way of combatting mold is to use essential oils, the most popular oils being clove, tea tree, thyme and cinnamon. Our clove oil has been especially popular in the last few days, limiting our stock. However, we’re expecting 45 bottles of clove oil to arrive in store at just $12.95 each.

Another popular way to freshen up your home with nice smells in incense. We have an extensive range in store of assorted fragrances for your liking. Prices for incense start at just $1 for a pack of 8 sticks.