New Weapons Have Arrived at Nature's Wisdom!

Over 30 weapons filling up our weapons cabinet and sword racks!

Nearing Christmas, our weapons cabinet was beginning to look quite bare after their soaring popularity as gifts in the Xmas season. However, with the new year quickly beginning, a huge weapons order of over 30 beautifully designed and anime/film/television themed weapons have arrived.

We’ve got everything from Game of Thrones, Deadpool, Bleach and One Piece swords in store, as well as other miscellaneous styles of weaponry including machetes, pocket knives and short swords. Prices are as cheap as $45 and there are tons of pieces to look through, come and have a look in-store!

natures wisdom townsville weapons 2.jpg

Nature's Wisdom Piercings

Daily Piercings at Nature’s Wisdom Townsville

For those of you unaware, Nature’s Wisdom pierces in-store daily for ages 3 months and up! Our highly experienced body piercers Jason & Jack are here to help you with ALL your body piercing needs 🔥 Optional numbing cream is availble for only $5 in case pain is an issue.
Buy any body jewellery from us and we will change it over FREE of charge! 
If you ever have any troubles or concerns (even if you were pierced elsewhere) we are happy to give FREE advice 24/7 - simply message us on any of our socials.

*Prices start from just $35 with basic stainless steel jewellery with $5 upgrades available.