Get rid of Migraines with the Daith Piercing

I can remember back when people first started asking us about the Daith Piercing & it's benefits for reducing the length & pain of migraines.  

At the time my staff & I were unsure if this was the real deal, a placebo effect or perhaps just a rumour.  Fast forward a couple of years and there is evidence that this can for some people provide a solution to controlling migraines from the 100's of testimonials we have received from our clients.  In the majority of clients they saw moderate improvements, with migraines reducing in severity and duration.  For some, it completely rid them of migraines & for a small portion of others, the effects were not noticeable.

For just $35 we think it is a tiny investment into what could potentially radically improve your quality of life.  If you're thinking of getting the Daith piercing, come into Natures' & talk to one of our friendly piercers today!

*We are not doctors & our evidence is not to be confused with medical advice*