Feng Shui Traditional Meditation Balls Townsville

Feng Shui Decorated Meditation Balls In Store!

There’s a reason why the Chinese have been using Meditation (relaxation balls) for centuries. They are said to enhance blood circulation whilst being used for physical therapy & to exercise the muscles around the wrists & forearms. When using Meditation balls it’s recommended to keep the balls rotating clockwise & counterclockwise, this allows the muscles in the hand & forearm to contract & relax in harmonic fashion. Meditation balls are available for $19.95 a pair (including a safe holding box).

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House Decorations and Personal Keepsakes to Bring Fortune

Nature’s Wisdom Feng Shui Products!

Feng shui or “wind - water” translated in English is known to use energy forces to harmonise individuals with their surrounding environment ⛩🍃Compliment your space with one of the many Feng shui items that we have in store.  Our extensive range includes luck-and-good-fortune-bringing Maneki-Neko’s, figurines and other Feng Shui themed items including decorative boxes, bonsai trees, incense burners and zen gardens. They make beautiful gifts for yourself or others.

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