Townsville's Largest Crystal Range

Townsville’s Best Crystal Shop in the Heart of Stockland

Nature’s Wisdom has long been Townsville’s best crystal store, with an extensive range of tumbled stones and an abundance of natural crystals in various forms of raw cuts, candleholders, slices, pendants and more.

We’ve recently received great amounts of stock that’ll suit anyone’s taste - come check it out!

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New Crystal Grids

Crystal grids have just landed!

For all your crystal lovers out there! 
Crystal Grids have just landed at Nature’s Wisdom. 😍😍😍
Crystal Grids can be more powerful than using just a single crystal for an intended goal. (Eg. Protection) 💎💎💎
Crystal Grids are made by the international placement of crystals in a geometric pattern for the specific purpose of directing your energy towards a goal or soul purpose 🌸🌸