House Cleansing with White Sage Smudge Sticks

Need to Rid Your Home of Negativity? White Sage Could Be the Solution

Smudge sticks wands made up of a variety of dried sage leaves or herbs that produce a fragrant smoke when burned. They’re used among certain Native American peoples in rituals intended to cleanse places, persons, or objects of negative spiritual energies. Smudge sticks are a great choice if a room or home is in need of a cleanse.
Step 1. Close all windows & leave your front door open. 
Step 2. Light stick & gently wave around until it begins to smoulder. 
Step 3. Say prayer or your choice or think positive thoughts. 
Step 4. Work your way from back of the house to the front door. 
Step 5. When finished all areas, gently extinguish the stick in either sand or water. 

Smudge sticks starting from $9.95 

White sage smudge sticks