Smudge Stick


Smudge Stick

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Our Smudge Sticks are 100% pure White Sage, is picked and packed with love and generates a beautiful high vibrational energy. 

The Sacred smoke of  White Sage (Salvia Apiana) has been used for centuries by the Native Americans to dispel negative energy, purify, cleanse and spiritually protect you, your aura and your home. Spiritual purification is common in many religions also.


As you near the end of your smudging, you will feel the positive changes within yourself. It is commonly described as "feeling refreshed".

You will know when your house needs cleansing. Sometimes just one room in your house will cause you to feel drained. Sometimes just walking in your home, you will feel the heavy energy drag you down. The negativity comes home with you from all your day to day encounters and builds up in your home. 

After cleansing you will feel that room to be much lighter and give a more pleasant, happier feel to it.

Repeat as often as needed needed. 

Instructions included. 

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