Crystal Tumbled Stones


Crystal Tumbled Stones

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Beautiful Tumbled Stone varieties sourced from all over the world.  

Each stone has a variety of properties which are listed below:

Agate:  Strength & Courage

Amethyst:  Peace & Stress Relief 

Ametrine:  Optimism

Aquamarine: Clarity & Purification

Blue Lace Agate: Purification & Communication

Carnelian: Warmth & Joyous

Citrine: Abundance & Cleansing

Clear Quartz: Energy & Healing

Fluorite: Focus & Protection

Aventurine: Emotional Tranquility

Jade: Emotional Balancer

Hematite: Energising & Vitalising

Labradorite: Spiritual Connection

Rose Quartz: Love & Peace

Selenite: Clarity of Mind

Shiva Lingam: Unified Male & Female Energy

Smokey Quartz: Clears Blocked Energy

Tourmaline: Support & Protection

Tiger Eye: Power, Luck & Protection

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